Saturday 18 January 2020

Mr Manchester United - football-mad fan celebrates legal name change with head tattoo

Manchester Zdravkov Levidzhov-United made his only visit to Old Trafford in 2009.
Manchester Zdravkov Levidzhov-United made his only visit to Old Trafford in 2009.

Declan Whooley

A Manchester United fan has celebrated winning a 15 year legal battle to name himself after his beloved team by tattooing the club crest on his forehead.

Zdravkov Levidzhov, a €20-a-day construction worker in Bulgaria,  spent considerable time and money to change his name and says that the ink job is the perfect form of ID.

The 50 year-old admits the idea to change his name ‘with a hangover’ the morning after the famous dramatic 1999 Champions League victory over Bayern Munich and went to see a lawyer.

The court eventually let him change his name to Manchester, but refused to allow United as his surname, saying it could be used as a trademark and his official name is now Manchester Zdravkov Levidzhov-United. Or Mr Manchester United for short.

Speaking to The Sun through a translator, the football-mad Bulgarian says it confirms his commitment to the Red Devils.

"The tattoo's my ID card," he said.  "People don't look at me in a funny way, they look in admiration."

"Now, whenever someone asks my name, I point to my forehead and smile. It makes me stand out and proves my loyalty to United," he added.

Speaking to The Manchester Evening news earlier this year, he said it took three years of savings on his €20-a-day job as a construction worker in order to make his one and only visit to Old Trafford five years ago when United defeated Bolton 2-1.


He explained that only in today's more progressive society has such a change become possible.

“Back then (70s), in the Communism era, if I had told someone that I would like to rename myself after a football club from the ‘evil’ captialistic world they would have certainly put me in jail.”

Levidzhov-United changed his religion from the Catholic Church to the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, which said it would accept him with the name Manchester United.

“Now at least the Lord knows the name I would like to die with,” he said.

With a cat called David Beckham, the football-obsessive said he if he ever had a children he would also name them after the famous English club.

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