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'Laughing and mortified' – Munster legend Alan Quinlan rugby tackled by son on Sky News interview


Alan Quinlan

Alan Quinlan


Alan Quinlan

Former Munster player Alan Quinlan was a tackling machine in his day and it appears his son AJ has adopted some similar traits after interrupting his father's interview on Sky News this morning.

The flanker won 27 international caps for Ireland and was speaking to the broadcaster about the dramatic finale to the Six Nations yesterday that saw Ireland crowned champions despite England's victory over France at Twickenham.

The interview was conducted on Skype and AJ was oblivious to the media duties of his father and was more interested in practicing his rugby technique. Viewers were also treated to the youngster using his daddy's t-shirt as a handkerchief.

Quinaln took to Twitter afterwards after receiving a number of tweets about the interview.

"Thanks for all the funny tweets about my son joining in on my interview. I'm still laughing and mortified. It could have been a lot worse," he said.

Here was the online reaction to the hilarious interview.

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