Saturday 21 April 2018

Jose Mourinho pictured leaving Chelsea training ground - but was it really him?

Tom Sheen

A man believed to be Jose Mourinho was seen leaving Chelsea's Cobham training ground after news broke that he was sacked by the Blues on Thuesday afternoon.

The man, covering his face with a hood, was seen leaving in the same Jaguar that the Portuguese had earlier arrived in.

Mourinho was sacked in a 10 minute meeting just hours after the squad held a Christmas lunch and spent two hours clearing his office at Cobham.

Despite wide reports stating that Mourinho was the man in the Jag, we're rather more skeptical here.

The first and most obvious tell that this maybe not the Portuguese is that the man in the car is not wearing a wedding ring (red circle).

Scroll through any picture of Mourinho, whether at training, during matches or press conferences, and the 52-year-old is always, always, always wearing his ring.

He's been married to wife Matilde since 1989 and even has her name tattooed on his left wrist (it's usually hidden by his watch).

The second signal is that Mourinho is quite a hairy man, the man in the car is not (blue). Look at his hands, fingers and wrists - there's no hair on the man in the car, and plenty on Mourinho.

The final tell is the little bit of stubble poking from beneath the hood (green). As is seen in the picture on the right, and can be seen from other pictures, when Mourinho grows stubble it comes out grey - the man in the car has dark stubble.

So there you have it. An uneccesary, excessive article on why it wasn't Mourinho in the car.

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