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Irish lads dupe Irish websites into reporting that they duped Sky Sports


A group of Irish men managed to trick several Irish news outlets into reporting they they had tricked Sky Sports into reporting a fake football transfer on Deadline Day.

A group of Irish GAA players decided to start a Twitter transfer rumour by all tweeting their congratulations to their teammate Kieran McDaid on his signing to a League Two football team.

The group joked that McDaid needed to transfer to a "foreign sport" due to being unable to "hack the GAA".

One member of the group planted several tweets, creating imaginary hype around McDaid by quoting several clubs "interest", before "breaking" the news that McDaid was to "sign an 18-month contract" with Exeter City while using the hashtag #DeadlineDay.

McDaid's club Buncrana Hearts even got in on the joke, tweeting their congratulations on his move and including the official Twitter account of Exeter City in the tweet.

They even went as far as to share an image of an updated Wikipedia Page featuring McDaid's name as a transfer.

Fans soon picked up on the momentum, spreading the news online that the  'Irish wonderkid' was due to make a career move, and criticising the club for not announcing the signing sooner.

Reports then suggest the story was picked up and reported on by Sky News. One of the group tweeted an image that they claim is an unedited screenshot of the website, though the text seems to be slightly different placement and size in comparison to a screenshot we took of the website at 2.50pm today. (Below).


The screenshot the group claim is real


The screenshot taken by Independent.ie today.


Sky have verified to Independent.ie that no such story was run on their website.

The men involved responded to Independent.ie when requested for comment.

"Ah here, would ya not let us have a bit of craic?"



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