Saturday 21 September 2019

Irish commentator Conor McNamara savaged on Twitter by ex-England star Darren Anderton

Former England international - who was dogged by 'sicknote' reputation during his playing career - vents spleen on his Twitter account

Former England international Darren Anderton
Former England international Darren Anderton

Darren Anderton still cannot escape his 'sicknote' reputation, it seems.

The former Tottenham player was exposed to ridicule on Monday when it was claimed that he could not perform a half-time challenge at White Hart Lane, for the game against Aston Villa, due to injury.

The challenge involves guests attempting to hit the crossbar from long range.

Yet Anderton is most certainly not amused, and responded with a lot more vigour on his Twitter account than he probably ever showed in those graceful, elegant performances during his playing career.

Most of his ire was directed at BBC's Irish commentator Conor McNamara who delivered the news on the social media platform:

The message is clear: cross this man at your peril. Conor McNamara did prove himself right with a subsequent video:

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