Monday 23 October 2017

Ireland's Iain Henderson on destroying microwaves and squeezing into his classic Mini

Iain Henderson and Paddy Jackson
Iain Henderson and Paddy Jackson

Iain Henderson is the hottest property in Irish rugby at the moment and seems to be a very interesting character as well.

The 23-year-old juggernaut has already earned 17 Ireland caps and his current form have many commentators calling for him to be given a massive role in Ireland's Rugby World Cup campaign.

He may be a formidable professional rugby star but he is also a regular guy in his early 20s and doesn't mind getting up to mischief.

In an interview with the Sunday Times at the weekend, Henderson said: "I remember after my first (Ireland) cap, against South Africa, looking back and thinking: ‘A year ago, I was living in Stranmillis Student House with three or four guys from school, still arsing about, setting things on fire, putting weird stuff in the microwave, all sorts of stupid stuff going on. Then this happens."

Talking to Off The Ball on Newstalk tonight, Henderson was asked to elaborate on what he was putting in the microwave exactly.

"I was actually discussing this with a housemate, I don't live with him anymore, at the Take That concert in Belfast last night," he said.

"Plenty of different things... I wouldn't want to give anyone any ideas. Anything that would make for an interesting outcome is what we would put in our microwaves.

"We went through three or four microwaves. It was an interesting student house. It was the thrill of it and you can get a microwave for 30 quid now and it was a tenner each for all that banter we were having."

Standing at 6ft 6in, you may be surprised to learn that Henderson owns a classic Austin Mini.

"It's a 71 Austin Mini. In 2012 season over in Nortampton, me and a few mates ended up in England looking for a car to drive home in and ended up picking up a classic mini and driving across England and getting a ferry home," he added.

"You've got to remember that all classic Mini's have no radios, no air-bags, no heating, nothing fancy... you can squeeze me in alright.

"It's a wee Sunday drive car when the weather's nice."

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