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Ireland star Cian Healy and singer Brian Kennedy embroiled in Twitter row


Cian Healy and Brian Kennedy

Cian Healy and Brian Kennedy

Cian Healy and Brian Kennedy

Gay singer Brian Kennedy has slammed Cian Healy for what he described as an 'offensive' tweet about a Pride concert in Los Angeles.

The 27-year-old Leinster and Ireland prop drew the ire of Kennedy after he posted a message on Twitter prior to attending a Kesha concert in Hollywood.

Healy tweeted: "So I'm going to a kesha gig at pride in Hollywood tonight... Should be interesting! #BacksToTheWall."

Some fans were annoyed at his attempt at humour and Kennedy described the post as 'disappointing'.

He wrote: "backstothewall"?? I didn't think anyone talked like that anymore. How deeply disappointing in one so young."

Healy later replied: "why would I be at a pride gig if I meant offence by that comment? It's a light hearted tweet. Sorry if it was taken wrong."

Kennedy accepted the apology although remained disappointed by the initial comment.

"" sorry if it was taken wrong" ? You clearly don't get it. At least you had the good grace to reply. #FoodForThought."

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