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In the doghouse? Jason McAteer's attempt to row back on pornstar banter goes VERY wrong


Former Republic of Ireland and Liverpool star Jason McAteer was having a bit of a laugh on Twitter today after being followed by pornstar Jenna Jameson but his attempt to row back went horribly wrong.

After he realised he was being followed by Jameson, he tweeted: "Cracked it !! All I need is Floella Benjamin to follow me and that will be the two women I grew up with!"

But it was to get better. 'Trigger', as McAteer is fondly known, welcomed the busty babe by saying: "Thanks for the follow miss @jennajameson I'd just like to say your an amazing actress and I can't believe you didn't win an Oscar. Take care."

And that drew a response, with Jameson tweeted directly to McAteer: "cheeky boy."

The innocent banter clearly got McAteer into some hot water but his attempt to clarify things for his wife Lucy Edwards went slightly awry.

He tweeted: "Just got to throw this out there. I'm married to the most beautiful women in the world and a bit of harmless banter is getting out of hand."

Presumably he wanted to say "most beautiful woman in the world".

Jamie Carragher had little sympathy for McAteer's plight.

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