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Gary Lineker's wine stolen by thieves 'who wouldn't have even understood its value'


Gary Lineker

Gary Lineker


Gary Lineker

Gary Lineker has revealed that some of his most prized wine was taken in what was most likely an "inside job".

The Match of the Day host admitted it had been probably been stolen 'by builders' during refurbishment at one of his properties several years ago.

The presenter, who favours both red and white wine, joked that it was stolen by thieves "who wouldn't have even understood its value".

The wine was stored in an alarmed garage which was covered by scaffolding while Lineker got work done at what is believed to be his Surrey property.

One night the scaffolding was removed, along with the alarms and most of his wine stolen - with the thieves leaving only one case behind.

He said that while there was "nothing too expensive" in the collection – which he was building for his retirement - he had built up his winery since the 1980s, meaning there were quite a few bottles.

"The whole lot was nicked. It must have been one of the builders," he told the Evening Standard.

"[They] wouldn't even have understood the value."

“Nothing too expensive, 15 quid a bottle. Seemed a lot back then.”

Lineker, who signed a new five-year contract with the BBC earlier this month, has previously admitted to enjoying a fine bottle of wine.

He once said "you can't beat a proper red wine such as Chateau Margaux," - which can cost up to £750 a bottle - but has also admitted to liking white wines.

He has previously shared his love of wine on Twitter:

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