Monday 23 April 2018

Falling tree narrowly misses spectators and slams into Range Rover at Wimbledon

A Range Rover was damaged by a falling tree
A Range Rover was damaged by a falling tree

John Skilbeck

A large tree fell on a car outside Wimbledon on Wednesday, narrowly avoiding spectators making their way into the All England Club.

A tennis fan said the tree fell on a Range Rover from the Wimbledon Park Golf Club across Church Road, yards from Gate One where thousands of spectators enter the grounds each day.

Linda Carr, from Bristol, said after entering the grounds: "We thought it was a car crash at first but then realised it wasn't the sound of metal.

"We looked around to see it had just come down on top of the bonnet. It was huge.

"The driver got out, a policeman came running down and got to the passenger side. I don't know if there was a passenger or not.

"It was such a huge crack, an enormous noise."

The road was swiftly closed as emergency services arrived on the scene.

All England Club officials confirmed that rumours of a simultaneous fire scare at Court One had been sparked by a drill, and there had not been an incident.

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