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Conclusive proof that Americans are still struggling to understand football


Atlanta United FC are a new name on the Major League Soccer landscape this season - and it seems as if their communications chiefs are concerned that the media covering their matches will get a little confused by football terminology.

We have all had a chuckle down the years at our American friends who struggle to cope with phases that have been natural to all of us who have followed the sport for the last few decades, so the steps taken by Atlanta’s courteous officials to ease their guests into a new era for the sport in the state of Georgia may well have been welcome.

Advising visiting media that they should not refer to goalkeepers as goaltenders and advising that a drawn game should not be described as a tie, this was an education many of us would have conquered long before we left primary school.

The suggestion that fans need to be described as supporters and the advice that using the term ‘overtime’ to describe a match that cannot be decided inside 90 minutes and needs a period of extra-time was also noted.

Dubliner Chris McCann is one of the players looking to make his mark with Atlanta this season, with the former Burnley and Wigan midfielder joined at the new franchise by ex-Sunderland striker Kenwyne Jones.

If the former Premier League duo didn’t realise they had stepped into a different sporting culture when they joined Atlanta United, this bizarre media release will confirm as much:

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