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Joe Brolly issues grovelling apology to Rachel Wyse for crass 'Baywatch' jibe


RTE pundit Joe Brolly has apologised to Rachel Wyse after describing Sky Sports planned GAA coverage as "TV3 plus Baywatch babe".

The Derry barrister has been highly critical of the GAA's deal with Sky in interviews and on social media since the partnership was announced describing it as being "a breach of principle".

"The core of the GAA has always been that it is of the people, by the people, for the people. But as each new line is crossed, it becomes more difficult for us to feel that we are all in it together," he wrote in his column in Gaelic Life last week.

Last night, the 1993 All-Ireland winner had another go at the Sky arrangement and a dig at their new anchor, Sky Sports News' Rachel Wyse.

He tweeted: "SKY = TV3 plus Baywatch babe".

This morning he added further fuel to his argument by tweeting: "SKY's entrenched beautiful anchor formula is shamelessly sexist, designed for their overwhelmingly male audience. That is the point."

Brolly received a barrage of messages on social media following the post and today issued an apology to the Sky Sports News anchor.

He tweeted: "Rachel, I apologise for the remark about a "Baywatch babe" . It was not meant to be personal but it was crass & wrong of me.

"It was no reflection on your abilities as a presenter or at least I didn't mean it to be. I apologise. It will not be repeated."


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