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Walsh stars as class of 2010 edge thriller

WATERFORD'S Shane Walsh led the scoring ranks for the 2010 hurling All Stars as they edged out their 2011 counterparts by a single point in an exhibition game in San Francisco, played late on Sunday night Irish time.

Walsh scored 1-5 for the 2010 squad (plus replacement where there were overlaps with this year's team) as they squeezed past a 2011 team, for whom Tipperary forward Lar Corbett scored three goals.

It was a most enjoyable encounter at the Treasure Island venue, which has become a popular HQ for the Irish GAA community in San Francisco and the wider Bay area.

The 2011 team led by seven points in the first half before the 2010 squad battled back.

A string of second-half points set them on their way to victory, albeit by the smallest of margins.

Scorers -- 2010 All Stars: S Walsh 1-5, D Hayes 0-7 (1f), N McGrath, S Dooley (1f) 1-3 each, R Power, E Kelly 0-2 each, D O'Grady, J Tyrrell 0-1 each. 2011 All Stars: L Corbett 3-0 (1 pen), R Hogan 1-3, P Mahony 1-1, J Mullane (f), E Larkin1-0 each, L Watson 0-3, D Hannon 0-2, R O'Dwyer, P Curran 0-1 each.

2010 All Stars-- B Cummins (Tipperary); J Dalton (Kilkenny), P Kelly (Dublin), J Tyrrell (Kilkenny); D Collins (Galway), M Walsh (Waterford), JJ Delaney (Kilkenny); B Maher (Tipperary), D O'Grady (Limerick); D Hayes (Galway), R Power (Kilkenny), N McGrath (Tipperary); E Kelly (Tipperary), S Walsh (Waterford), S Dooley (Offaly).

2011 All Stars -- G Maguire (Dublin); P Murphy (Kilkenny), P Curran (Tipperary), M Cahill (Tipperary); T Walsh (Kilkenny), B Hogan (Kilkenny), P Maher (Tipperary); M Rice (Kilkenny), R O'Dwyer (Dublin); D Hannon (Limerick), E Larkin (Kilkenny), P Mahony (Waterford); L Watson (Antrim), L Corbett (Tipperary), R Hogan (Kilkenny). Sub: J Mullane for Rice.

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