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Tyrone secretary made to eat words

AN inspired motivation technique or time for 'sorry about that lads'? Make up your own mind.

Here's what Tyrone secretary, Dominic McCaughey wrote about the county hurlers in his annual report last December:

"The difficulties can best be described as circular. Players do not wish to undertake training, laying the blame on the quality of managers or trainers.

"The message goes out to potential managers that Tyrone hurlers could be classified as a lazy group. Players that do not train, or do not train together as a panel, cannot play as a team or be classified as a team and they cannot seriously expect to win games."

Next Saturday, Tyrone play Donegal in the Lory Meagher Cup final in Croke Park, having already won Division 4 of the Allianz League.

Eight wins, a draw and a defeat from 10 league, Ulster championship and Lory Meagher Cup games is Tyrone's impressive return so far this year.

Now surely that suggests they can be classified as a team. And a successful one at that.

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