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Tipp's 'big pond' will allow O'Shea to be ruthless

Galway and Kilkenny are seeing out the old championship season, but Tipperary are already looking forward to next year after moving quickly to replace Declan Ryan as senior manager.

Eamon O'Shea (right) is a sound choice. He not only understands the scene, he also knows most of the squad, having worked with them in the Liam Sheedy regime.

He'll find that being manager is different to being coach, but I'm sure he'll put a solid support structure in place around him.

There was a lot of negative fall-out in Tipperary after the big defeat by Kilkenny, but they still have huge resources at all levels. O'Shea's task is to unify those.

He'll need to make some hard calls, but that will strengthen his hand. He has a big pond to fish from, so he can afford to be ruthless, if he finds it's required.

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