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Thursday 19 April 2018

There isn't always someone to blame

Lar Corbett

THE performances of our international rugby and soccer teams have come under the spotlight over the past week.

What went wrong against New Zealand in the rugby last Saturday morning? In the cold light of day, maybe very little. Ireland simply came up against better opposition.

So, what should Ireland have done? Shower up, have your post-match meal, move on. Next ball, next game.

But what do we do? We enter the blame game, look for heads to roll. Everything may have been right, but the opposition was better. End of story.

I must admit that it's only in the last month that I've begun to fully heal from last September's All-Ireland final defeat. Being back with my team-mates in the Tipperary squad has brought a cleansing effect.

It's how we react to defeat that helps to define us. There are two or three people a player will turn to after a painful defeat. It could be your childhood coach, a parent, a workmate. You wait for their opinion because that's what matters most.

You have to trust them because the media's take on a game filters through the public, through the supporters and back down to family and friends. The distilled version of events can become distorted. You go to who you know.

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