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The alternative interview


Gerry O'Connor: I'm not on Twitter.

Donal Moloney: Neither am I.

Last sports event you paid in to (apart from last Sunday)?

GOC: As a reward for winning last year's All-Ireland, we brought the U-21s over to Old Trafford in January to watch Man United v Liverpool.

DM: Same as that.

If you had the opportunity to attend one sporting event, what would it be?

GOC: 'El Clasico' between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

DM: The World Cup final in 2014 in Rio. With Brazil hopefully in it.

Favourite sports star outside the GAA?

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GOC: Richie McCaw, New Zealand.

DM: Ah come on Gerry, you gotta change that, I've been talking about McCaw for years!

Golf Handicap?

GOC: Ah Jeez, do I have to? 22.

DM: I don't play.

Taste in Music?

GOC: I've developed a liking for Taio Cruz, whoever the hell he is. The U-21s pick the songs going to the matches.

DM: I'm a big Springsteen and Eagles man.

Taste in books?

GOC: Autobiographies.

DM: Mostly business books and sports autobiographies.

If you could invite three people to dinner, who would they be?

GOC: McCaw, Arsene Wenger and Ger Loughnane.

DM: Loughnane, Dalo (Anthony Daly) and Jim McInerney. You wouldn't get a word in.

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