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Shanahan on...

Paul Flynn

"The skill he had was incredible. If he took penalties in training, the backs would be nervous, he had so much power in his shot. The goal he scored against Cork in the 2004 Munster final? I often saw him do that in training."

Clashing with Anthony

Daly in the 1998

Munster final replay

"He welcomed me by hitting me a dig. I hit him back and he hit me again. I planted him on his a**e. I looked for back-up and nobody was coming as they were busy with their own fights."

Losing to Limerick in

2001 after leading

2-5 to 0-1

"The loss to Limerick destroyed us. And it ended Gerald (McCarthy) as Waterford manager. In five years, we hadn't won a trophy but Gerald was unlucky. He laid the foundations and he brought in the discipline."

The first meeting with

Justin McCarthy

"Our first impressions of him were good. We met him as a panel and he did all the talking. Literally. He talked about where Waterford hurling was going and where he wanted to bring us. The minute he started speaking, you listened. He had that intensity about him -- his way or no way."

His final game: the 2010

All-Ireland semi-final

against Tipperary

"This was a game Waterford lost -- we were too caught up in the tactics we were given. People might say the tactics worked in other games, but for big games we should have gone man-for-man."

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