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Scoring heroes of the lower divisions deserve their moment in the spotlight

THEY ply their trade in the lower divisions, so their exploits don't attract the headlines associated with their more famous counterparts from higher up the ranks, but they still should not go unheralded.

So let's salute the following marksmen from Divisions 3 and 4 of the NHL who recorded big scores last weekend: Martin Ormonde (Fingal) 2-8; Brendan McGarry and Sean Corrigan (both Fermanagh) 3-3 and 3-1 respectively; Jonathan O'Neill (Wicklow) 1-8; Keith Higgins (Mayo) 0-10; Martin Finn (London) 1-7; Declan Coulter (Armagh) 0-9; Stephen Lambe (Monaghan), Liam Morgan (South Down) 0-9, Aidan Kelly (Tyrone) 0-9.

Higgins is one of the few remaining dual inter-county players, a role which leaves him in an impossible position on hurling/football league weekends like next Sunday, when Mayo hurlers play Fingal while the footballers face Kerry in a double-header at Castlebar.

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