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Rossies reeling after Durnin's 'sub' plot lifts Meath

SUBSTITUTE Peter Durnin left his mark as Meath advanced after an easy win at Trim.

Durnin was introduced at the start of the second half with the teams level at 0-10 each and accounted for 2-4 as his side gave new manager Killian Farrell a winning start.

SCORERS -- Meath: P Durnin 2-4, D Kirby, N Horan (1f) 1-2 each, B Slevin 0-4, J Keena, P Geoghegan 0-3 each, G O'Neill 0-2, S Clynch, D Muldoon 0-1 each. Roscommon: G Fallon 0-7 (7f), T Seale 1-1, S Curley (2 '65), J Coyne 0-2 each, D Nolan, J Lawlor, G Fallon 0-1 each.

MEATH -- S McGann; D Donoghue, E Fitzgerald, W Mahedy; M Horan, P Fagan, M Lynch; S Clynch, G O'Neill; J Keena, N Horan, P Geoghegan; B Slevin, D Kirby, D Muldoon. Subs: P Durnin for Muldoon (h-t), M Cole for Slevin (57), C Reilly for Horan (63), K Joyce for Mahedy (63), T Leonard for Keena (67).

ROSCOMMON -- D Dowd; I Delaney, C Moran, B Donnelly; S Curley, P Kelly, D Loughnane; J Moran, P Kelleghan; G Fallon, D Nolan, T Seale; J Lawlor, G Fallon, J Coyne. Subs: M Kelly for Fallon (42), A Moore for Curley (57), S Melia for Moran (57), Curley for Delaney (61).

REF -- A Lagrue (Kildare).

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