Thursday 14 November 2019

Premier left red-faced, says Gaynor

Len Gaynor.
Len Gaynor.

Jackie Cahill

TIPPERARY legend Len Gaynor has described the All-Ireland semi-final sideshow involving Lar Corbett at Croke Park last Sunday as "embarrassing".

Gaynor, who managed the Premier County from 1996-98, has also advocated a return to "the core values of Tipperary hurling" -- and is highly critical of the tactics employed against Kilkenny.

The two-time All-Ireland SHC medallist (1965 and 1971) insisted that "tactics can be overdone" in the modern game and believes Tipp should not be "obsessed by the opposition".

"It was obvious they thought this out a bit and thought that it was going to work," he said. "They were going to change Lar on Tommy Walsh and Pa Bourke on Jackie Tyrrell but Kilkenny were never going to allow that to happen.

"We all knew that from last year's final that Jackie was going to be on Lar. That puts Lar in the best possible position for Tipperary but instead of that, they were going around in circles and that was embarrassing alright.

"It looked unreal -- two Tipp players taken completely out of the game. They couldn't concentrate and were just roaming around, jostling around, digging, dragging, pushing and shoving. Kilkenny were doing it as well but it looked wrong and it was not effective for Tipp. It misfired badly.


"I think we need to get back to the core values of Tipperary hurling. The basics are bravery and courage -- bravery of mind to go and execute the job that you've trained to do, not to be obsessed by the opposition.

"Courage to put that in place and if things go wrong, courage to stand up.

"Tipperary teams have been beaten as often as anybody else but standing up to the opposition and giving their best for as long and as hard as they can is what we ask for as spectators."

Tipperary County Board chairman Sean Nugent described the numerous episodes involving Corbett, Bourke, Walsh and Tyrrell as a "circus".

Nugent said: "I don't think there was a tactic involved in it at all. Lar would be on Tommy Walsh -- he (Corbett) was picked there at No 12. Things happened on the field after that -- Jackie Tyrrell wanted to come out to mark him (Corbett) and that kind of circus that went on seriously disappointed me. I've never seen it before."

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