Saturday 24 February 2018


brendan maher

Borris-Ileigh and Tipperary wing-back

"It's one thing, I suppose, that people will say to someone as young as me: 'Ah you're young, you have lots of years ahead of you.' Brendan Cummins proves the fact that you have to grasp it when you have the chance.

"There's a great mix among us, one big group there between the U-21s and the seniors. There are a lot of the U-21s that would be coming in for the internal matches.

"We have played against each other, U-21s against the seniors, I wouldn't see it as different, it's almost like the same set-up.

"I wouldn't call the Cork defeat a blessing. It definitely has boosted it. We had to knuckle down after it and we worked hard, it was the kick up the arse we needed.

"It shouldn't have come at all, if right was right. You can call it a blessing in disguise, call it what you want. We went down to Cork and lost the game.

"Personally, I didn't feel complacent to be honest. In the build-up to it we felt we had prepared well. It was just one of those days, that's sport. It has happened before and it will happen again. It is definitely something we've learned from and drove on from.

"You could try it for as long as you want and you won't pinpoint any one thing that was wrong. We trained hard, we prepared the very same as we prepared for any other game. It was just one of things.

"After the Cork game the work that was put in on the training field reflected on the field and in our performances. From one to 30, everyone just worked as hard as they could and it was the best 15 who got the jersey. There was no such thing as, 'he'll be playing and he'll be playing'. Nobody knew who was playing.

"Coming up to the Wexford game it was probably one of the first times we couldn't name even 10 of the players that were starting."

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