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No foul-play 'epidemic' in Galway, insists hurling chief

GALWAY Hurling Board chairman Joe Byrne has defended the county's disciplinary record in the wake of some ugly scenes during this year's county final.

"I take exception to the suggestions that there's some sort of epidemic of disciplinary problems in Galway," Byrne said.

"We played 1,000 adult games this year, and in 0.05pc, or less than five games, has an incident been referred to the Competitions Control Committee because it was not dealt with on the day. There is no issue in Galway regarding discipline."

Byrne's comments come in the wake of the controversy that has surrounded the recent county final between St Thomas and Loughrea.

Live television coverage, which has since gone viral, showed a Loughrea player striking several opponents with his hurl but escaping without a card of any kind.

The local CCC have since launched a formal investigation.

Neither club has been called yet to give evidence but it is believed that St Thomas could yet also face some scrutiny for a separate incident.

Elsewhere, Kerry are the latest county to follow the popular trend of getting players to glove up and partake in a spot of pre-season boxing.

Some of Kerry's best-known footballers and hurlers, both past and present, will get the opportunity to throw punches as it has been confirmed that a 'Fight Night' fundraiser, for the county training fund, will be staged at the INEC in Killarney on January 5.

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