Friday 19 January 2018

Munster seeding an insult to weaker counties

John Mullane

WHAT in God's name are the Munster Council playing at with the seeding system for the provincial football championship?

With Kerry and Cork kept apart until the final, you might as well scrap the championship.

It would be like telling Scottish soccer clubs that Celtic and Rangers, in their pomp, are going to be kept apart for cup competitions, until the final.

The message for the so-called weaker counties is fairly obvious.

Sure, you can have a go but we're more interested in a packed house for the final than any real competition.

Where's the incentive for counties such as Waterford? I know some of the lads playing football for the county and it would mean the world to them to play in a Munster final.

But Waterford haven't contested a Munster football final since 1960 and with this move, they won't be competing in one any time soon either.

You have to go back to 1992 to find the last time that a county other than Cork or Kerry won it.

In the Munster football championship, romance is dead.

Money talks and if the other counties are trying to reverse this decision, I'm all for it.

Meanwhile, the situation in Kildare is a tricky one, a real catch-22.

Kieran McGeeney has been voted out but it was a democratic decision when all is said and done. The clubs had their say and I'm sure county board officials are taking cost factors into consideration.

I understand that Kildare have spent plenty of money in recent years on the county football team and perhaps they'll settle on a cheaper option now. That's the way of the world for county boards these days, with many running on a shoestring.

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