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McCrabbe 'point' clearly wide

The case for the introduction of score-detection technology hardened once again in Croke Park yesterday when replays of Dublin's first 'point' from Alan McCrabbe clearly showed that it was in fact wide.

Those on the Hogan Stand side felt instantly that it was wide, but to the surprise of everyone the umpires at the Hill 16 end declared it a score.

Offaly manager Joe Dooley said afterwards that he hadn't see it, but his counterpart Anthony Daly agreed that it was "dodgy." Daly admitted his initial sentiment was disappointment that McCrabbe had not converted a relatively easy chance by his standards.

Ironically, Offaly suffered in similar circumstances less than 12 months ago when Galway's Ger Farragher 'pointed' into the same end when it was clear the score should not have stood.

Irish Independent