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McCarthy lashes player 'agenda' as he vows to stay in Treaty role

A DEFIANT Justin McCarthy last night insisted he has no intention of stepping down from his post as Limerick hurling manager.

Only six of his 2009 panel have made themselves available to the Corkman for this year after he controversially dropped 12 of that squad last autumn.

However, in an interview on RTE radio last night, McCarthy maintained he will remain in situ as long as he has support from the county board.

"I was committed to Limerick for two years," he said. "We have made progress. The year before last, Limerick won no championship game and last year they won three, drew one and lost two."

McCarthy also denied claims that poor communication had been the cause of the row.

"I think that was just a good excuse initially," he said. As far back as August, some players were trying to get rid of us because they had their own agenda.

"From the point of view of getting through to players, well, they are after having five or six managers in the last seven years.

"Limerick have to think of the future and younger players have to come in and spice the whole thing up. I'd love to have the older players back and the door is open.

"We have tried to discuss things with them but they wouldn't answer our calls or go face-to-face and discuss things and it's a pity."

Former Limerick manager Tom Ryan also called on McCarthy to step down yesterday, but McCarthy remained bullish, saying: "It's ironic that he wants to get rid of me because Tom rang me up in Cork and asked to help out with coaching in Limerick-- I hadn't time at that particular period -- and now he's looking for my resignation."

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