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Louth beat Sligo

Two first-half goals in the space of a minute for Louth meant the outcome of this encounter in Darver was never in doubt.

In the 10th minute Gerard Smyth connected with Shane Callan's sideline cut to raise the green flag. Callan then sent another sideline straight to the net, helping the hosts to a 2-9 to 0-4 lead at the break.

Sligo only managed a single free from Keith Raymond in the second period, with Louth sub Aidan Callan blasting a third goal to the net in injury-time.

SCORERS -- Louth: G Smyth 1-4 (1f), B Corcoran 0-5 (1f), S Callan 1-1 (1-0 s/l), A Callan 1-0, D O'Hanrahan, Diarmuid O'Sullivan 0-2 each, D McArdle, D Murphy ('65), Donagh O'Sullivan, D Dunne, W Morrissey, G Kerrigan 0-1 each. Sligo: K Raymond 0-4 (4f), N Cadden 0-1.

LOUTH -- J Connolly; A Wallace, C Kerrigan, M Wallace; D McArdle, R Byrne, D Murphy; Donagh O'Sullivan, S Callan; S Fennell, D Dunne, D O'Hanrahan; B Corcoran, G Smyth, Diarmuid O'Sullivan. Subs: B Hassett for M Wallace (50), W Morrissey for Smyth (55), C Ryan for Fennell (57), G Kerrigan for Corcoran (58), A Callan for Dunne (58).

SLIGO -- G Cadden; S O'Rourke, J Kenny, D O'Brien; L Reidy, R Cox, J Kelly; A Cawley, K Raymond; T Connelly, C Brennan, P Quinn; M Gilmartin, N Cadden, L Cadden. Subs: K Gilmartin for Connelly (41), C Gillen for O'Rourke (43), A Walsh for L Cadden (50), M Reilly for O'Brien (58).

Ref -- P O'Dwyer (Carlow)

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