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Kernan backs Corofin to sink St Gall's

GALWAY team manager Joe Kernan has a warning for AIB Club football semi-finalists, Corofin and St Gall's: "Forget about the final and keep your mind on your own game."

Clare's Kilmurry-Ibrickane await the winners of this game, which was postponed due to snow last week.

Kernan feels that the delay could affect St Gall's more than Corofin because the northern side have been accorded the status of favourites.

Thus, if the Belfast club allow their focus to shift on to how they might do against Kilmurry-Ibrickane, they could be in trouble at Parnell Park tonight.

"Portlaoise were a team that everyone had fancied, but now they're gone," Kernan said: "That can actually have an effect on how you prepare this week, because if you're starting to think about the final and who's in it, you could be in trouble.

"What both teams need to do is forget about the final -- and I think Corofin could catch St Gall's because of that."

Four of the Galway panel -- Gary Sice, Alan and Damien Burke, and Kieran Fitzgerald -- are members of the Corofin panel for tonight's big game (7.30).

But it's more than personal interest in the Galway players that makes Kernan feel Corofin have a good chance.

"Well, it's a match of two sort of opposite teams. Corofin are a dogged championship team, they can grind out a result," he said.

"St Gall's would probably call themselves more of a flair team. They've been there, they've knocked on the door, they were disappointed a few years ago and now they're back."

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