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Kelly's blitz for Trinity

A scoring blitz from Trinity's half-back John Kelly was enough to push the Dublin students into the final in Ringsend. Carlow's Stewart Waugh helped to keep the pressure on the winners, but Kelly proved the difference as Trinity marched on.

Scorers -- Trinity: J Kelly 0-9 (0-7f, 0-1 '65'), D Suthcliffe, E O'Gorman, C Gleeson, A Quilligan 0-3 each, K Fitzgerald, C Murphy 0-2 each. Carlow IT: N Foyle 1-12 (1-0 pen,0-10f), P Walsh 1-0, S Waugh 0-2, E Fitzpatrick, J O'Callaghan 0-1 each.

Trinity -- A Brennan; M Phealin, S Walsh, O Daly; J Kelly, I Kavanagh D Kennedy; K Fitzgerald, J O'Connell; C Gleeson, E O'Gorman, D Suthcliffe; C Donegan, C Murphy, A Quilligan. Subs: A Byrne for O'Connell (51).

Carlow IT -- D Shaw; J Phelan, J Culhane, P Ferrick; J O'Callaghan, J Carroll, T Dwane; P Holland, P Walsh; E Fitzpatrick, N Foyle, A Byrne; S Waugh, N Darcy, R Foyle. Subs: J O'Dea for Byrne (40).

Ref -- G McGrath (Dublin).

THIS game started with just 13 Fingal players on the pitch due to other commitments to college and club sides as Shane Callan helped Louth claim the second final spot.

Scorers -- Louth: B Corcoran 1-2, S Callan 0-4 (0-2f), S Fennell 0-3, G Smyth (0-1f), D O'Sullivan 0-2 each, S Rafferty 0-1. Fingal: B McCarthy, R McGarry (0-2f) 0-3 each, A McEnerney 1-0, G Dillon 0-2, C O'Mahony 0-1.

Louth -- J Connolly; A Wallace, C Kerrigan, M Wallace; D McCardle, D O'Sullivan, R Byrne; D Dunne, D Horan; D O'Hanrahan, S Callan, S Fennell; B Corcoran, G Smyth (G Rellis 35), D O'Sullivan. Subs: G Rellis for G Smyth (35), D Kettle for D O'Hanrahan (50), S Rafferty for S Fennell (55).

Fingal -- W Bourke; E Fallon*, R Sheridan, C Doyle; M Cussen, A McEnerney, A Morris; R McGarry, D deBurca; P Quinn, G Dillon, D Memery*; B McCarthy, C O'Mahony, C Harford. *Late starters. Subs: G Morris for Harford (56), S McCarthy for E Fallon (59), C Harford for A Morris (67).

REf -- J Keenan (Wicklow).

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