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Ivors sparkles to send Warwickshire into final

Warwickshire qualified for the final against Fermanagh following an easy win over a spirited Leitrim at Ballinamore yesterday.

Leitrim opened the scoring through David Poniard, but Daire Maskey goaled for Warwickshire two minutes later, as they went on to dominate the rest of the half with seven unanswered scores -- including a goal coming from the inspirational Michael Ivors.

Zom Moradi's 35th minute goal gave Leitrim a lifeline as they trailed 2-9 to 1-5 at the break, but a flurry of scores by Warwickshire in the second half meant they were never going to be caught, Clement Cunniffe's goal too little too late.

Man of the Match: M Ivors (Warwickshire)

SCORERS -- Warwickshire: M Ivors 1-7 (6f), D Maskey 1-1, E McCabe 0-4, M Bermingham 0-3, C Maskey 0-2, C Boxwell, D Sheedy, J O'Shea 0-1 each. Leitrim: C Cunniffe 1-7 ( 1-6f 1 '65'), Z Moradi 1-1, D Poniard 0-2.

WARWICKSHIRE -- M Cremin 6; R Wedel 6, D Neylon 7, C Brough 6; N McNamee 6, P Healy 6, C Boxwell 7; M Bermingham 8, J Dwyer 6; D Sheedy 6, D Maskey 7, K Courtney 6; E McCabe 7, C Maskey 6, M Ivors 9. Subs: C Behan 6 for Dwyer, J O'Shea 7 for D Maskey, S Brough 5 for C Boxwell, J Boxwell 5 for Sheedy.

LEITRIM -- M Quinn 6; S McTiernan 5,V McDermott 7,P Clerkin 5; P McManus 5, S Feeney 6,M Poniard 5; D Poniard 7, N McLoughlin 5; K McGrath 5, C Cunniffe 7, S Moradi 6; K Clerkin 5, M Dolan 5, M O'Donoghue 5. Subs: K Boyle 5 for P Clerkin, D Ryan 6 for K Clerkin.

REF -- P Murphy (Carlow).

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