Sunday 19 November 2017

I've no regrets

Colm Keys

Colm Keys

Donal Og Cusack won't carry an ounce of regret for anything he has said or done in the past into a new championship season as Cork attempt to try and end a losing sequence next week against Tipperary.

Frank as ever, Cusack is determined to consign any issues he has raised in his autobiography 'Come What May' to history and doesn't believe its publication will make life difficult for him in the months ahead.

Barry Kelly, the leading referee whom he was critical of in the book because of clashes in the past, is down to officiate at next week's game in Pairc Ui Chaoimh, but Cusack has expressed a determination to "get on with it".

"I wrote a book, obviously, and expressed certain opinions in it. Having said that, someone has to referee the game. It's a bit like the strikes and things like that. That's done, that's history,

"I would have given my opinion. That's that. Barry's reffing on Sunday week. I'd find it very hard to find any referee I'm popular with. I just need to get on with it."

Cusack also admitted he wouldn't be interested in reading the autobiography of a current Kilkenny player, because he contends that they haven't been willing to say what they really think.

"I've read sports books where players decide to be tactical about what they say. That's their own opinion, but I'd be interested to see in a couple of years time when those players are gone out of the arenas that they're in, will they come out and say what they really felt?

"I think if they do at that stage, I wouldn't be very interested in reading it, because they weren't prepared to say it when they were there. I'm not really interested in listening to what they're saying now."

The Cork goalkeeper admitted he has no desire to follow the path of Gareth Thomas as an ambassador highlighting homophobia in sport.

Meanwhile, Eoin Cadogan (shin), Michael Cussen (hand) and Tom Kenny (hamstring) are all making good progress in their recovery from recent injuries. Cork manager Denis Walsh expects them to be available for the Tipperary game, though Kenny remains the most pressing concern.

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