Sunday 18 February 2018

How the game unfolded

4 mins

Colin Ryan cements Clare's lightning start with their second point to establish an early lead that they would hold throughout the first half.

Clare 0-2 Cork 0-0

10 mins

The Banner manage to isolate Darach Honan on Shane O'Neill, but the Cork full-back does well to deal with his man, winning a free out. Anthony Nash's clearance ends up with Luke O'Farrell, who wins a free for Patrick Horgan to close the gap to one.

Clare 0-4 Cork 0-3

15 mins

Nash collects an under-hit point attempt but as he clears, O'Neill pulls back with his hurl and connects with Honan's head. Referee Brian Gavin controversially books both players rather than send the Cork defender off.

16 mins

Daniel Kearney bursts through from Nash's puck-out and goes for goal. Patrick Kelly saves brilliantly and then denies the onrushing Conor Lehane twice before playing the ball with his hand on the ground.

Clare 0-5 Cork 0-4

19 mins

Nash (left) comes forward to take the 14-metre free, but his lift is high and it allows Kelly to burst from his goal and save from his opposite number. Clare clear and Podge Collins points.

Clare 0-6 Cork 0-4

22 mins

A brilliant Conor Ryan catch leads to Collins jinking and setting up Conor McGrath, who gives his side a four-point lead.

Clare 0-8 Cork 0-4

27 mins

Patrick Horgan chops down on David McInerney as he comes out of defence, but Gavin plays advantage, before penalising the Clare full-back for over-carrying. Clare are furious as the referee moves the free to 21m and dead in front of goals, but rather than bring Nash out to go for goal, Horgan (left) sends it over.

Clare 0-9 Cork 0-6

32 mins

McGrath's effort is signalled wide, but Clare's players want Hawk-Eye to have a look. Gavin ignores their pleas and, from the puck-out, Kearney finds his way through and sends the ball over the bar.

Clare 0-11 Cork 0-8

36 mins

Conor O'Sullivan is first to the ball and finds Horgan in space. From distance, the Rebels full-forward sends the ball between the posts to leave two points between them at the break.


Clare 0-12 Cork 0-10

39 mins

Patrick Cronin spills the ball and then fouls Collins when he collects it. Ryan sends over yet another free to stretch the lead back out to four.

Clare 0-14 Cork 0-10

40 mins

Patrick O'Connor fails to deal with Nash's puck-out and Lehane (left) pounces, outrunning his marker and his fellow defenders before finding the top corner.

Clare 0-14 Cork 1-10

52 mins

A little tit-for-tat follows the goal, but then Clare go on a three-point run without reply, with Colin Ryan's free from his own '65' re-establishing their four-point cushion.

Clare 0-19 Cork 1-12

55 mins

Horgan's free goes wide and Clare respond by making the gap five as O'Sullivan fouls McGrath and Kelly sends it over.

Clare 0-21 Cork 1-13

57 mins

Luke O'Farrell is fouled in front of goal and goalkeeper Nash makes the long walk forward again. Gavin warns Kelly about staying on his line and this time Nash's effort is emphatic, beating the men on the line and going into the roof of the net.

Clare 0-21 Cork 2-13

59 mins

Collins goes through on goal only for Stephen McDonnell to brilliantly hook him and then win a free out. Nash's raking free breaks to Seamus Harnedy, who is brought down by Domhnall O'Donovan and Cian Dillon. Gavin awards a penalty and up steps the Cork goalkeeper once again, only for his effort to strike Colin Ryan and come off the bar.

Clare 0-21 Cork 2-13

63 mins

After his free steadies Clare, Conor Ryan takes a brilliant catch and sends the ball over the bar to rouse the Banner support.

Clare 0-23 Cork 2-13

64 mins

Clare substitute Cathal McInerney's point attempt comes off the bar and falls to Collins in front of goal, but the corner-forward attempts to kick it (right) when he could have pulled and misses it altogether. Cork send the ball long and captain Cronin (left) finds himself in possession, 21 metres out, and he steadies himself and sends an unstoppable shot into the net.

Clare 0-24 Cork 3-14

67 mins

Horgan's free brings Cork level for the first time since the third minute.

Clare 0-24 Cork 3-15

72 mins

Cathal Naughton dispossesses Collins and Cork win a line-ball. Stephen Moylan's quick-thinking early ball finds Horgan, who sends the ball over the bar and Cork ahead for the first time in the match.

Cork 3-16 Clare 0-24

73 mins

Moylan's sideline cut sails wide and, as the clock ticks past the allotted two minutes, Patrick Kelly sends his puck-out long to Nicky O'Connell. His wobbly pass finds corner-back Domhnall O'Donovan (left), who tries his luck while falling and sends the ball over the bar and the game to a replay.


Cork 3-16 Clare 0-25

ruaidhri o'connor

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