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Green light for Nash 'land-grabbing' after motion withdrawn


All Star Cork goalkeeper Anthony Nash

All Star Cork goalkeeper Anthony Nash


All Star Cork goalkeeper Anthony Nash

Anthony Nash will be allowed continue on his land-grabbing runs prior to hitting penalties and close-range frees following the withdrawal of a motion from the Congress agenda designed to prevent marksmen being inside the 20-metre line when striking the ball.

The manner in which the Cork goalkeeper has perfected the art of gaining maximum ground on penalties/frees led to a review by the GAA's Playing Rules Standing Committee, which proposed a rule change so that all free-takers must be outside the 20-metre line when striking the ball.

However, with several counties declaring that they would oppose the motion, it was decided to withdraw it at last night's Central Council meeting. Central Council will now consider the existing rule prior to issuing a new interpretation.

For this season at least, there will be no restriction on penalty/free-takers tossing the ball forward as far as possible before making the strike.

Among the other motions on today's agenda are:

  • That match bans, which apply at inter-county level, be extended to the club scene. Time bans currently apply in the club game.
  • That the minor age limit be reduced from 18 to 17 years.
  • That interfering with an opponent's headgear be punished with a straight red card.
  • That a player guilty of racist behaviour during a game be ordered off. (It's a yellow card offence under current rules).
  • That no alcohol companies, public houses or off-licences be allowed to have their names on gear/equipment used by teams under the age of 18.
  • That 26 players be allowed in inter-county match-day parties in all grades.
  • That players should not be allowed to wear jerseys numbered higher than the maximum specified. Where a replacement jersey is required for a player returning to the pitch after treatment, he will either wear a jersey with his original number or one marked with a letter (A, B, C).
  • That players over the age of 15 years be allowed to play in the U-21 grade.
  • That referees/linesmen from outside the province of the competing teams be appointed to officiate at all senior inter-county championship games and for All-Ireland Championship games in all other grades.
  • That where two teams who have already met in the provincial championships are drawn against each other again in Rounds 1,2 3 of the football qualifiers, the winners of the provincial game will have home advantage.
  • That the Leinster Hurling Championship qualifier, which currently hosts Laois, Antrim Westmeath, Carlow and London be reduced to four in 2015 and beyond.
  • That where a county from a qualifier group in the Leinster Hurling Championship beats one of the automatic quarter-finalists, the qualifier team will replace one of the 'Big 5' in the following season's quarter-finals.

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