Sunday 25 February 2018

Galway need to face up to reality


I got a big reaction to my remarks last Saturday about Galway hurling and the need to identify the loss to Tipperary for what it was -- a defeat that should be treated as such and not some sort of moral victory.

It comes down to this -- if anybody thinks that losing an All-Ireland quarter-final by a point for a second successive year represents progress they need to check the definition of the word.

The reality is that Galway haven't been in the All-Ireland final for five years which just isn't good enough in a county which has produced so much talent.

Worse than that, Galway haven't been in a semi-final for five years, so I just don't see the basis for the sense of optimism that some elements in Galway seemed to derive from running Tipperary to a point two weeks ago.

If self-satisfaction in defeat is to be the starting point for 2011, there will be no change in Galway's fortunes.

If, on the other hand, the Tipperary defeat is treated as a basis for developing the squad, making the hard calls and becoming smarter on and off the pitch -- then there is hope for Galway because the talent is definitely in the county.

Still on Galway, I was disappointed to see Joe Kernan's short reign with the footballers come to such an abrupt end.

What was he supposed to achieve in six months? Surely he should have been given another year on this terms, which included allowing him to appoint whatever back-room team he wanted.

There was no point bringing in a man like Kernan and then applying handcuffs at the end of the first season.

He was never going to accept that. Nor should he be asked to.

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