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Galway blast Leinster for 'selfish' decision on their U-21s and minors






Galway hurling chairman Joe Byrne has described counties in Leinster as "selfish" for rejecting the county's bid to get their minor and U-21 teams included in the provincial championship.

Just two counties voted in favour when their application was resoundingly rejected mid-week.

"It is disappointing that the Leinster Council would take the view that we're not welcome, which makes you think that the only reason we are welcome at senior level is that we're a financial benefit to the coffers of the Leinster Council," Byrne told Galway Bay FM.

"If there really is a mood to play in Leinster, then we need to be talking to the officials in Croke Park and see if they can intervene in this," he added. "Maybe pressure from high needs to come on Leinster and maybe not give the selfish decision that they gave last night."

Galway sources remain hopeful that the national review committees that are currently looking at hurling in general and at the structures of the minor championships may eventually result in them making some progress on the issue.


Since joining the Leinster senior championship in 2009, their senior hurlers have never got a home game which is another contentious issue with them.

That is set to continue as their provincial quarter-final against Dublin next summer has been fixed, as part of a double-header with the Dublin footballers against Longford/Offaly, in Croke Park on May 31 next.

But one prominent Galway official indicated yesterday that there is nothing stopping them contacting Dublin and seek a home-and-away agreement with them for future years.

A home-and-away agreement had Wicklow officials puzzled yesterday when Leinster Council gave Meath home advantage for their SFC quarter-final with the Garden County next June.

Navan has hosted qualifier games but it will be the Royals' first time to host a provincial game there in 20 years and they got it on the basis that Wicklow hosted them two years ago and that a home/away arrangement was in place. Wicklow secretary Michael Murphy said he was not aware that any prior agreement had been in place but Leinster Council accepted that there was one.

Elsewhere, Ballinderry have indicated they will appeal the severity of some of the penalities handed out to them this week including the unprecedented suspension (48 weeks) given to Aaron Devlin for comments he made on social media.

The GAA's Central Appeals Committee, which was already meeting tonight to decide on a club case in Tyrone, are also expected to hear the case of Donegal club Naomh Conaill which could have implications for this weekend's Ulster SFC club fixtures.

Glenties are appealing the decision of the Ulster Hearings' Committee not to hear their appeal last week because the paperwork was not in order.

In Kildare, Kevin Croke of the National Athlete Development Academy (NADA), who worked with the Dublin footballers this year, has joined their senior football backroom, replacing fitness specialist Barry Solan who has gone to work with his native Mayo.

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