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Free passes a bad model

WEXFORD'S unusual policy regarding free passes to club games is underlined by figures for last year, which will come as a surprise in most counties when they compare their own arrangements, WRITES MARTIN BREHENY.

Of the 4,360 people who attended the Wexford senior hurling final, 1,114 went in for free, while of the 3,241 who attended the football final, 1,688 went free.

Of the 11,522 who attended the hurling/football finals and semi-finals, 4,154 (36pc) were on free passes.

New county chairman Diarmuid Devereux said: "It's astonishing but data doesn't lie. We're going to issue the passes again this year, but we're going to ask the board to make a decision that for county semi-finals and finals, everybody pays in.

"We'll also be asking people with passes not to use them at three or four other games in the course of the year."

Irish Independent