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Fermanagh took the honours in Irvinentown

SEAN CORRIGAN produced a five-star display as Fermanagh took the honours in Irvinentown thanks to a powerful second half that was filled with plenty of tenacious defending and classy finishing.

Corrigan saw three different markers during the first half, in which he scored two points from play and set up Shane Mulholland for his side's first goal following a brilliant run along the end-line.

To add to Longford's misery, Joe O'Brien was sent off for a second yellow offence with five minutes remaining.

Man of the Match -- Sean Corrigan (Fermanagh).

Scorers -- Fermanagh: R Bogue 0-5 (5f), J Duffy 1-2, S Mulholland 1-1, S Corrigan, B McGarry 0-2 each, S Curran, O Boyle 0-1 each Longford: E Donnellan 0-4 (3f, 1 '65'), Morrissey 1-0, J O'Brien 0-3 (3f).

Fermanagh -- D McPhillips 6; D Teague 8, C McGarry 7, C Rice 7; K Mohan 8, F Bannon 7, A Breslin 7; J Duffy 8, M Slevin 7; R Bogue 8, F McBrien 7, S Curran 7; S Corrigan 9, B McGarry 8, S Mulholland 8 Subs: O Boyle 7 for Duffy (63), C McTeague 6 for Mohan (68)

Longford -- E Daly 6; J Devine 6, S Browne 6, F Daly 6; A Corcoran 7, J O'Brien 6, R Donnellan 6; E Donnellan 7, M Coyle 6; J Casey 6, M Morrissey 6, C Finucane 6; S Lynam 6, J O'Brien 7, J Newman 6 Sub: K Murray for Newman (61).

Ref -- A Nash (Derry).

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