Monday 22 January 2018

Feeding the hurling myth

John Greene

John Greene

T he current state of hurling has been a difficult subject to tackle all year as we awaited the outcome of Kilkenny's historic journey.

Now that talk of a five-in-a-row is over, it's time for all who care about hurling to get back to the real debate. What last week's All-Ireland final showed clearly is that there are two teams head and shoulders above the rest, and only two more offering any real opposition.

The rest are also-rans, padding out the championship and feeding the hurling myth.

The first game of the championship took place on May 22, but when did the first of any meaning take place? And, more pertinently, when did the first 'contest' of any meaning take place? The answer to the first question is July 11, the answer to the second is July 25. That's a lot of padding over four months.

The notion of provincial championships in hurling is long past its sell-by date -- the sooner that's rectified the better.

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