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Eire Og hit goal trail to retain title

Holders Eire Og retained their title with a comfortable win over Naomh Colum Cille in at Killyclogher.

Conor Grogan, Justin Kelly and Sean Og Grogan scored the goals that underlined the Carrickmore side's standing as the county's major force.

Scorers -- Eire Og: J Kelly 1-6 (3f), C Grogan 1-2, S Og Grogan 1-0, P Hughes, C Slane, A Kelly (f) 0-1 each. Naomh Colum Cille: S Hagan 0-3 (3f), A Taggart 0-2, R O'Neill, J Connolly (f) 0-1 each.

Eire Og -- C McElhatton; C Fox, D Maguire, A McKernan; SP Begley, M Grogan, C Hughes; J Kerr, A Kelly; G Fox, J Kelly, S Og Grogan; C Grogan, P Hughes, S McLoughney. Subs: C Slane for P Hughes, B McGurk for McLoughney, Jason Kelly for C Fox, P McMahon for C Grogan, D Begley for Kerr

Naomh Colum Cille -- P Maguire; R 'Mor' O'Neill, KB Corrigan, P Corr; S Kelly, M O'Gorman, R 'Duff' O'Neill; J O'Neill, J Connolly; B Taggart, N O'Neill, S McKiver; R O'Neill, A Taggart, S Hagan. Subs: P O'Neill for B Taggart, E Kelly for McKiver, T O'Hagan for Corr, P Jackson for Connolly

Ref -- M McCarron (Fintona).

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