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Cyril Farrell: Cats will lap up Joe's untimely words as initiative is handed back to Cody's men

SOME things are best left unsaid. Joe Canning was ill-advised to make the comments attributed to him yesterday, not least because it piles more pressure on him for the All-Ireland final replay.

Joe has been under the spotlight since he first showed signs of being a special talent as a kid, but he had the temperament to cope with it.

It's not easy when you're being targeted by opponents at all grades and levels right through your formative years. Many of those games weren't refereed by the top men, which made it easier for less talented opponents to involve themselves in the occasional bit of skulduggery.

Joe has lived with that and other pressures too.

So why he would add yet another one to the load is beyond me. Why make the mistake of saying anything about Henry Shefflin or JJ Delaney, especially since there's another huge day to come for him and them on September 30?

Whichever way you look at it, there's going to be even more pressure on him now.

What if he misses a few frees? What if Shefflin has a stormer? What if Galway lose narrowly? Joe knows that the public -- as much in Galway as anywhere else -- can be very fickle. When a team loses it doesn't take long for the criticism to fly in.

As for Anthony Cunningham, he'll ignore the latest fuss. That's certainly what I'd do if I were in his position. Nobody can ever take back what's said -- or even the perception of what's said -- so there's no point in Galway over-analysing this.

The one thing that will disappoint Cunningham is that having gained a psychological edge with his ice-cool performance on the sideline at the end of the game -- and indeed all through it too -- this latest business hands Kilkenny a stick to wave over the next few weeks.

Have no doubt that Brian Cody, Shefflin and Delaney will lap it all up and be delighted to see loose talk turn the attention on Galway at a time when Cunningham wants to keep a low profile and reconfigure his plans for the replay.

All Cunningham can do now is keep the head down, make no issue of this business inside or outside the camp and get on with the work he had planned.

Privately, he'll be wondering how the hell a press conference for a U-21 final not involving Galway could throw a spanner in the works, but there's nothing he can do about that now. In those circumstances, best forget about it and move on.

The same goes for Canning. He will be surprised that a few remarks have become such a big story, but what's said is said and there's no going back.

He knows Kilkenny will try to use this incident in whatever way they can, which is exactly what Galway would do if the circumstances were reversed.

Joe is cool customer who has handled pretty much everything that's been thrown at him over the years, but on this occasion he has brought something on himself that was completely unnecessary.

Showing up in Thurles to promote the U-21 final is all very fine, but don't turn into something that could make your own life harder in the senior final.

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