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Croker to stay out of Limerick row, insists Duffy


Duffy: Limerick hope

Duffy: Limerick hope

Duffy: Limerick hope

GAA president Christy Cooney made contact with Limerick officials earlier this week for a briefing as to how things stand in the county.

The Limerick County Board has so far declined outside help in trying to resolve a crisis that has seen 12 players walk off Justin McCarthy's panel after the manager omitted 12 others from the squad in October without personally informing them.

The absence of communication was the main sticking point but since then the players have hardened in their determination not to play for McCarthy again.

Cooney, who made a dramatic intervention into the Cork dispute almost 12 months ago and almost resolved it with a document that was discussed into the early hours of the morning at an airport hotel, had a brief conversation with officials earlier in the week, director general Paraic Duffy revealed yesterday.

"There has been brief discussion. For the moment it has been left with Limerick. Christy spoke with Limerick earlier this week," Duffy confirmed.

"In terms of getting involved, no. It is something we are reluctant to do. At the moment we will see how this evolves. I think Limerick know our views. We would like to have it settled and settled very quickly.

"But it is primarily a matter for Limerick and at the moment we are not getting involved," Duffy added.

"Obviously we would help but we don't see ourselves having a role in this. This is a matter for Limerick and we won't get involved in it unless there is a request made.

"For the moment we will leave it with Limerick and see what develops."

Duffy admitted Croke Park would like to see the matter resolved prior to the commencement of the National Hurling League.

"We would hope it is settled before the start of the national league. We don't want to go into the situation again where counties are fielding a weakened team.

"That doesn't help the counties," he added.

Unlike Cork, the Limerick players are not training together and are not coming together on a regular basis for briefing amongst themselves.

Limerick clubs and delegates will have another opportunity to reflect on matters on Tuesday night next when a special convention will be held to appoint a development officer and officially ratify selector John Tuohy.