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Cody confirms reputations count for little with half-time hook for Walsh, Hogan


Kilkenny manager Brian Cody

Kilkenny manager Brian Cody


Kilkenny manager Brian Cody

Kilkenny manager Brian Cody has confirmed that Tommy Walsh and Brian Hogan were withdrawn for tactical reasons during the interval in this latest Kilkenny-Tipperary instalment.

Cody replaced both defensive giants at the break after a torrid first half during which they shipped four goals.

But he admitted afterwards that injuries hadn't come into play with the decision to remove them and the moves reflected a desire to "switch around a few things".

Kilkenny had replaced three defenders by the start of the second half – Paul Murphy came on for Willie Phelan after 26 minutes – and the reshuffle clearly worked.

Cody said: "You wouldn't want to be leaking goals. It happens. They (Tipperary) have the players that can score the goals. We just switched a few things, tried a few things and some days you try all sorts of things and it won't happen for you. Today we got the result."

He admitted being pleased with the "response" to Tipperary's goals each time and acknowledged the contribution of Colin Fennelly.

"It's a serious score. It's seldom that happens for anybody. It was a great contribution. It's only two league games played and he has been serious in both games. He has that potential to do that and hopefully he can keep it going."

Tipperary manager Eamon O'Shea tried to draw on the positives of Tipperary's play despite being on the wrong end of a 16-point swing in just 42 minutes.

"I wasn't surprised the way we tried to play. Even though we didn't do well last week we were still going really well in training so I was expecting us to play positively," he said. "We were open for the goals, we were trying a few different things, some came off, some didn't so collectively they got a run on us after they got the fifth goal near.

"They put on three points as Kilkenny do.

"When you get momentum like that it is very hard to stop the points going over. They did the same in the league final in '09 in extra-time. Once they got a few points they poured over.

"It's a big swing (16 points). The momentum goes with the wind. I'm not trying to say that there are positives where there isn't. I'm not happy that we got beaten but I am happy that we are trying to play the game the way we want it."

A fifth successive Nowlan Park defeat was suffered at the hands of a "better" team, he reasoned.

"We came down here and we tried, that's the way it goes. That's sport, the better team won again. So when you're beaten you go home and try to get better," he said.

Kilkenny still have Michael Fennelly, Michael Rice, Jackie Tyrrell, Richie Power and JJ Delaney to come back in, while Eoin Larkin and Richie Hogan came off the bench here.

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