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Clean-cut win for Kilkenny is order of the day for barbers

Barbers Jessy Keceli (left) and Ozzy Guzeller

EVEN the Turkish barbers are praying it's not another close shave for Kilkenny.

The clock is ticking and the Cats have been quietly sharpening their claws.

There's been very little hype about the All-Ireland replay in the Marble City as fans are feeling nervous ahead of Sunday's clash.

Flags, bunting and jerseys aren't as visible as in previous years as Kilkenny fans have entered a meditative state.

Turkish barbers Jessy Keceli and Ozzy Guzeller, however, lightened the serious tone yesterday when they parked their car on Parliament Street.

The pair, who claim to know all the "Cat Secrets", have been glued to hurling since they arrived in Kilkenny.

"For the last three years we've watched the matches. We normally go to Tynan's to see the game. We're going to watch the replay in the pub because we couldn't get tickets. We had all the customers trying for us but we couldn't get any," said Jessy.

'King' Henry Shefflin is Jessy's favourite player and like most of Sheff's Kilkenny fans the barber had a chance to pose with his hurling hero and the Liam MacCarthy Cup.

"When I was working in Waterford, he came in and I met him," he said.

The barbers, who have given haircuts to many of the Kilkenny players, both agree they'd prefer it if this weekend's match was no "close shave".

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