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Championship enjoying green flag resurgence

Goal-scoring trends from the mid 1980s may have decreased by 3.1 goals per championship match.

However, it's still wrong to assume that the golden age between 1994 and 2000 was defined by thrilling goal-fests. It wasn't. Although there was only an average of 20 games played, the average number of goals scored between those seven seasons was 66.

In fact, there has been a major spike in goalscoring in the last two seasons.

The 2009 championship (stats do not include the Ulster championship, only the final) produced the lowest number of goals (64) since the 1996 championship (62).

However, there were 79 goals scored (stats only include the Ulster final) last season.

And already this season, there have been 88 goals scored.

Those stats have obviously been spiked with Cork's 10 goals against Laois in the qualifiers, and Tipp's seven goals in the Munster final.

Cork's haul was the first time that a team hit 10 goals in a championship match since Offaly slammed 10 past Westmeath in the 1966 Leinster championship.

Tipp's blitz against Waterford was the most goals a team had hit in a Munster final since Limerick put eight past Tipp in the 1936 decider.

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