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Camogie: New rules will add excitement to game, says Lawlor

Camogie President Aileen Lawlor insists new playing rules and the addition of quarter-final rounds will add significant spice to year's senior championship.

Lawlor, who is in her first year as chief of the association, highlighted the importance of the new rules at yesterday's championship launch in Croke Park.

"There are a number of playing rules that come into force, including the reward of two points when a player puts the sliotar over the bar direct from a sideline cut."

"We are also focusing on ensuring that discipline remains a key priority during this year's championship. The rules help to ensure that sporting conduct is to the fore in camogie at all times."

According to Lawlor, the addition of quarter-finals to this year's senior grade is an excellent development.

"The round-robin format is still in play, but we have introduced seeding in the two senior groups, with the top two teams through to the semi-finals and the runners-up playing in qualifiers and quarter-finals before drawing to play in the semi-final stages on August 18."

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