Friday 24 November 2017

And another thing

Lar Corbett

To vote 'yes' or to vote 'no' -- that was the question. Or was it?

I can't understand why the Irish people have voted to ratify a European fiscal treaty that is only a part of a package yet to be finalised. In total, 12 countries within the European Union must vote 'yes' for this package to be passed and yet, in this ultimate game of economic poker, we've shown the rest of the continent our hand.

We've clutched our cards tightly to our chest, but they're facing the wrong way around. Europe is still the right place to be, even though we're not exactly sure quite what we have voted for. Sound logical to you? If you were to ask people on the street their reasons for voting 'yes,' they would reply that by doing so, they hoped it could guarantee that their mortgages will be paid, that they'll have a job and that their kids will be okay, with employment available for them too. But are we getting any closer to those goals by voting 'yes'? Unfortunately, there are no answers. It reminds me of logging on to iTunes to download a song or a new app and you click on 'agree' to buy an item. What would happen if there was a knock on the door the following day and someone tries to take your kids?

"What are you doing?" you enquire. "You agreed to it on iTunes yesterday," comes the response.

You have pressed 'agree' without realising the consequences.

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