Sunday 22 September 2019

Trainer Gary Moore in intensive care after horse 'double-barrelled him in the back twice'

Trainer Gary Moore
Trainer Gary Moore

Trainer Gary Moore was in intensive care in hospital on Thursday evening after being kicked in the back by one of his horses.

The incident happened at Moore's Cisswood Stables in Sussex on Thursday morning and he was taken to Redhill Hospital for treatment.

Although in intensive care, the trainer's son, Joshua, is hopeful his injuries are not too serious.

He said: "He's not too bad, hopefully. He's damaged a couple of ribs, he has fluid on his lungs and might have damaged his spleen.

"He's in the intensive care unit just so they can keep an eye on him overnight. I think he should be out of there in the morning, all going well, but he might be in hospital for a few days."

Reflecting on the incident, Moore added: "The horse double-barrelled him in the back twice.

"Luckily he was actually quite close to the horse when it happened, which meant he didn't really get the full force of it."

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