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Tony McCoy graphic: We outline the broken bones and injuries he's suffered


Tony McCoy shows the scares of battle

Tony McCoy will retire later this year after a stellar career in the saddle but has suffered a whole host of devastating injuries on his way to be becoming one of the greatest jockey's of all time.

Below is a graphic to show the injuries suffered by the jockey as he stands on the cusp of his 20th jockeys title in Britain.


Here is a list of the injuries: Broken middle and lower vertebrae, both shoulder blades, both collarbones, ribs, ankle, cheekbones, wrist, ankle and leg plus a dislocated thumb and chipped teeth.

That's not counting repeated broken fingers and the number of times he broke his nose.

Asked by Ivan Yates on Newstalk Breakfast this morning would he suffer adverse affects from his myriad of injuries, McCoy said: "Ah sure probably, but I wouldn't change any of it for the world, that's for sure.

"My body is in good shape I would like to think and I have always thought that I'm mentally fitter and stronger than everybody else, Maybe I'm dreaming but I still think that."

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