Friday 20 September 2019

Jockey paralysed after fall has electricity restored after fears he would be left in cold house alone for the weekend

Jockey was left without power for over 24 hours

Trainer Robbie McNamara (left)
Trainer Robbie McNamara (left)
Ger Keville

Ger Keville

Jockey Robbie McNamara has had the power restored in his home after criticising the ESB after he feared he would be left without electricity in freezing conditions for the weekend.

McNamara, who is in a wheelchair and paralysed from the waist down following a fall in Wexford two years ago, has been living in a house at the Curragh for the past year.

According to the Limerick man, the ESB arrived last week to disconnect the electricity because of an outstanding bill owed by previous tenants. Following phone calls between the ESB offices and the landlord, it was agreed that the monies owed could be paid the following day and that McNamara would ensure all account details were in his name.

McNamara told that the landlord paid the monies owed the next day and they were in the process of ensuring the account was in McNamara's name.

However, McNamara says the ESB called again unannounced yesterday and the electricity was cut off at 4.30pm because the account had not been transferred.

"I have never missed a payment and all money owed by previous tenants was paid in full," said McNamara.

"The landlord was in the process of transferring the accounts and we were not made aware of any timeline for doing this. Next thing they arrive and disconnect the electricity yesterday.

All this because the account was not in my name. I completed the relevant forms this morning but was told that the electricity could not be reconnected until Monday.

"So here I am with candles and temperatures of one degree in a dark house. I have tried to hook up three extension leads to the yard 200 yards away but it is losing power somewhere."

Thankfully, McNamara has since had the power restored, sharing a social media post with a picture of his house.

McNamara had said that the thought of being in a cold house with no electricity for the weekend does not daunt him but felt he needed to highlight the issue as it could have happened someone in a worse situation than himself.

"I am fine and despite being in a wheelchair I am, quite mobile and can get around the house. But this could have happened someone in a worse position than me. That's why I put up the tweet," he added.

Currently a trainer, McNamara saddles runners in Gowran Park tomorrow and Navan on Sunday. 

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