Saturday 16 December 2017

Daryl jacob on...

His benevolent guardian

"Noel Fehily has been a great friend, even if himself and his brother are wind-up merchants. I stay up in Lambourn with him once a week and he has really helped me to get my confidence back and believe in myself again. He is very consistent in his own job, so it is great to be able to pick up the phone and speak to someone like that if I need to. Basically he's just an excellent professional -- or at least he is most of the time!"

Why he chose England

"Opportunities in Ireland are just very limited. Unless you are with one of the top five stables in the country and getting plenty of rides, it is very hard for a young fella to get going at home. In England, there are a lot more opportunities, more yards, more racing. It's just easier to make a start here if you want to get on."

Robert Alner's plight

"Robert is in good form, he takes it all well. He's a solid man and a strong man, so it's good to see him getting around a bit now. Like anyone, if you are active and all of a sudden you are confined to a wheelchair, then obviously you are going to have your bad days as well as your good days, but on the whole he is very strong. He stays positive and is good to get out and about as much as he can, which is great to see."

The rise of Nick Williams

"Nick has built up a team of young horses from scratch. He avoided doing what a lot of yards do, going out and getting handicappers to get the stable going, and instead brought along two and three-year-olds and built the stable up from there. That way, he has been able to bring the horses through the way he wants to, and every year he'd buy youngsters to keep them coming through. He has a lot of quality animals now, so it's a great stable to be associated with."

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